Ferguson Containers

SkyBuildingFerguson Containers is a sheet plant. That industry phrase means we buy corrugated sheets on the open market and convert them to boxes, interiors or displays. Once the specs are set, we make them here at our manufacturing plant in Alpha, NJ.

SkyBoxAt Ferguson Containers, we manufacture custom corrugated boxes, interiors and displays. Whether you need a small quantity or a truckload, we can quickly adapt to meet your product shipment schedules.

SkyLightLet us help you meet your sustainability goals. Corrugated paper composition is changing quickly. Please contact us to see samples of boxes made from 100% post consumer corrugated paper.

SkyTrucksWe know how important is to deliver your boxes quickly. If you don’t have boxes, you can’t ship your product. We use our own trucks to meet your quick turnaround needs.