About Us

Ferguson Containers: Committed to quality.
We are a highly skilled team with years of design experience.
Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!customer

What sets us apart:

  • Advantage 1: One of the major reasons we surpasss customer expectations is we know who we are and maybe more importantly who we are not. We manufacture custom corrugated boxes, interiors and displays. We do not stock boxes, nor do we handle packaging supplies. We are custom manufacturers, always have been, always will be.
  • Advantage 2: Another reason customers stay with us so long is the flexibility we offer. Industry consolidation has led to the big getting bigger. The bigger the integrated paper companies get, the less interested they are in smaller and mid size quantities. Do you have small box orders? We welcome you with open arms!
  • Advantage 3: It’s helps to deal with experienced people. Are not people the greatest resource in any company? Our CEO, General Manger and Plant Manager have combined corrugated experience of over 70 years – all at Ferguson Containers. That is a lot of problem solving experience being passed on to office, sales and manufacturing staff. This experience makes doing business with us easier.team

Need more information?
Please contact us at 908 454-9755.
We are ready to take on your most demanding projects.